Magic By The Sea

Magic, Comedy and stuff with Live Animals!


T  H  E    S  H  O  W 

Stephan's Magic By The Sea is one of South Florida's best kept secrets and must-see theatrical events.



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Adam Sandler

Stephan's Magic By The Sea

From tricks on the beach to an over-the-top magic show, Stephan has taken his raw talents from the beaches of South Beach, Florida  and designed an evening of elegance, fun, adult comedy and jaw dropping magic in a very intimate setting.  The show is titled "Stephan's Magic By The Sea" and is designed to be performed only inches away from all that are present.  

"The show will be limited to 60 guests; therefore everyone will experience the state-of-the art of magic and world-class mind reading close-up."

Stephan will perform card and coin tricks; making money disappear from guests’ hands and making cards appear in guests’ pockets along with making live animals appear.

Before the days of movie theatres, radio and television, affluent patrons would regularly invite performers into their homes to entertain small gatherings of family and neighbors. In those refined, intimate settings, the living room became the stage and the audience looked joyfully on; only inches from the show.

“Stephan's Magic By The Sea”, an evening of rare miracles and comedy, will be performed in Bogart’s Parlor Room. Stephan will cause mini-illusions to occur mere inches from your eyes. The intimate setting in Bogart’s beautiful parlor room, in which guests will be encouraged to dress  in cocktail attire, will make the performance feel like a trip back in time to the parlor entertainment that defined the early 20th century.

This is an exclusive magic show, performed by Stephan whose miracles have amazed the likes of Alonzo Mourning, Arthur Ashe, Andy Roddick, H. Ross Perot, Michael Bloomberg, Celine Dion, Lori Greiner, Judge Hatchett, Jasmine Guy, Savion Glover, Adam Sandler and the hospitality suites of Madonna and Phil Collins.